Miso Soup Design

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Hello! Miso Soup Design is myself, Gregor Jamroski. From Seattle, WA, After 8 years of living in Japan I am now located in the Pacific Nothwest in the US. A multi-disciplinary award winning, designer, I craft products, retail and online experiences based on a deep understanding of the intersection of client & customer needs.

I have held a variety of senior level titles for print and digital that includes Art Director, Creative Director, Senior Product Designer and Principal UX Designer among others for Fortune 100 companies, Design/Ad Agencies as well as small/medium organizations. This strong combination of Art Direction and UX Design, backed by early training in the fine and applied arts, benefits my clients and also serve as a base to mentor young designers. While UX design is generally relegated to the digital space, it is a complex practice applied across all brand touchpoints. Ask me why.


Ths is a design portfolio and is not intended for mobile viewing: please view this on you laptop or desktop computer.