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What are my inspirations?

From time to time clients ask me what inspires me. I have been hesitant to add this to my site as my answer may not be the predicatable answers you may except. Certainly I have been inspired by mentors, colleagues & different historical design movements. After University I was mentored by a graduate of the Bauhaus and am keenly aware of historical design "schools" such as Swiss Modernism, Constructivism, Japanese milnimalism as well as current trends that are simpley offshoots of these historical schools. The fundamental inspiration I have are outside of design trends and are situated in the 5 senses we have. This includes:

I have travelled the world and every country has given me a broad world view. Please take a moment to enjoy the following images and videos.

In addition to design, I am a practicing fine artist, musician and ceramicist. I have held numerous exhibitions of my paintings in major gallerys in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland, etc.), perfomed either solo, band or ensemble music in the US & Canada. Currently my artistic focus is the Japanese end blown flute - the Shakuhachi.

My photography work includes fine art, documentary, portraits &product/lifestyle photos. I have made my documentary photos free via Wikipedis and the have been used in a variety of contexts: historical research, papers, books & online resopurces - in addition to travel guides & more.


Fine Art

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