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Why is packaging design so expensive? It can't be that hard, right?

I will just cut to the chase. You can hire a design generalist cheaply who may be able to design an adequate package. Generalists are not experts and largely do not understand the process. You have spent a lot of money developing your business plan, your product, website design & development - and you may have begun to prepare social media campaigns and have researched marketplace sites such as Amazon.

After so much time, thought and costs, you are proud of your product(s). Your package design will be your number one asset for new consumers to discover and love your brand. An emotional & desirability response from consumers is the key to not only the inital purchase but to brand loyalty. The number of clients who have contacted me after working unsuccessfully with a generalist is staggering. Please read on so you can be armed with the basic knowledge of the process and you can hire a designer to help you succeed.


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